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my_model, queries and joins - El Forum - 04-16-2012

wow, that was possibly the most unfriendly and unhelpful thing i've read on these boards.
I'm struggling with one thing here, and basically you're saying "it's easy to me, so if you dont know, im not helping"

whilst i appreciate that you MAY be quite the expert on php and/or codeigniter, I assumed these forums were meant to help people. You're clearly above helping anyone that's not up to your standards, so why do you bother posting here?

If anyone else can suggest some help, it would be greatly appreciated

my_model, queries and joins - El Forum - 04-16-2012

I love how everyone takes that so personally and offensively. It is my 100% honest opinion that the framework is out of your league if you can't understand how to solve a problem like this. This doesn't even have anything to do with CodeIgniter. How are you supposed to use a framework when you don't know the language it's written in? Would you expect to be able to use calculus if you didn't know basic arithmetic? Would you argue with the professor when he told you to take a more basic class first?

Also, I could post the 14-line solution for you, but I don't really want to now, since apparently what I say doesn't matter.

my_model, queries and joins - El Forum - 04-16-2012

well thanks, i figured it out though.
definitely wouldnt say it's 'out of my league'. I'm actually a coldfusion and .net developer, and got thrown into some php projects. Thought codeigniter might be a good framework to work with. It is.
I like it.
And for the most part I find this forum incredibly helpful. I'll try not to ask any basic arithmetic questions in the future.