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session class bug? HELP please - El Forum - 07-27-2012

Hi, Im experiencing a bug in session class of CI. when store data in session and echo it, it works fine in FireFox, But on all other browsers they dont output data. But when I try it in other computers it works fine. Did someone already experienced this? I already cleared cache of my browser but it still dont work. Can someone give me suggestions how to solve this problem. or is this really a bug in the session class?

session class bug? HELP please - El Forum - 07-27-2012

For those who will encounter a bug in the Session Library of CodeIgniter like me ( session data being lost when using redirects instead of $this->load->view() function ). Try this fix --

It solved my problem.


However if someone knows a better fix for my problem please suggest it because I really wanted to use the original session library of CI because I think it is more secure. But I'm not sure though because I think this native php session library is also validating if the session match the user agent and it also stores session data in the database.