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MY_Table.php - El Forum - 08-14-2012

I have updated libraries/table.php to add suppport for tfoot.

Use $this->table->add_footer().

I can't add it to a code block here (too many characters), and I can't attach the file. How best can I share this?

MY_Table.php - El Forum - 08-14-2012

Place it on GitHub the accounts are free.

Or you can post it on Paste bin

MY_Table.php - El Forum - 08-14-2012

Thanks, InsiteFX.

Shared at

MY_Table.php - El Forum - 08-14-2012

Coolio, made the same code into my project.

Nonetheless, I found one thing that is wrong in your code: A table footer has tr-td blocks and not tr-th. th is only for table-head. Therefore, if you want to have proper HTML code generation of tables, you should change the default template to

$template = array (
    'footer_row_start'   => '<tr>',
    'footer_row_end'     => '</tr>',
    'footer_cell_start'  => '<td>',
    'footer_cell_end'    => '</td>'

However, I like that you put the table-footer directly after the table-header and not at the end of the table Wink

MY_Table.php - El Forum - 08-23-2012

How about my way for table. Its working with coordinated cells.


$this->set_thead('whatever'); //auto colspan 3
$this->set_tfoot('whatever'); //auto colspan 3
$strHtml = $this->page->create_table(1,1,3);