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Change location of CI on web server. - El Forum - 09-15-2012


I'm trying to move a project which works fine into a sub folder.

This is what I have done so far,

Made a sub folder called project1.
Put all the project files and folders into this folder except system, css, js and music files.
Change the index.php to point to the system folder.
Change the base url to point to the new project1 folder.

Now when i try to logon I get an internal error.
The web page is pointing to the correct location to validate because the webpage is pointing to
http://localhost/project1/user/validate_credentials after I submit.

Not sure if i need to change anything else.

This is what the root of the server looks like

project1 / application index.php


I'm pointing to http://localhost/project1 in the web page address bar to login.

I want to do this, to keep the projects seperate, but use the same system folder.

Any pointers.