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routing and pagination problem - El Forum - 10-04-2012

Hay everyone,

my real link is:

but i want this link

For this LINK 2: i put this code in route.php
code 1:

And I am successfully get LINK 2:, it works well

But my main problem is when i add code 1: All of my URI effected AND every link has to be manually edit in route.php

suppose my another link is


but i want this link

For this LINK 4: put this code in route.php
code 2:


it is disgusting when, every link explain with route.php

the pagination problem is when i enter any page how can i define routing if CODE 1
is already declare

suppose, i want paginate home.php
the url look like etc

if the code1 do not use i can use any link without routing
but i need link2

how can i define pagination link in route.php when code1 is already define?