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Unable to load page - El Forum - 10-26-2012

Hi would I be able to have some understanding with this as I have come across this prob before. The controller is unable to show the page: $this->load->view('login'); it is part of a login page:

it shows this error message:

An Error Was Encountered
Unable to load the requested file: site/login.php

and is apart of this function in the controller:

public function login_validation()

$this->form_validation->set_rules('email', 'Email Address', 'trim|required|valid_email|xss_clean|callback_validate_credentials');
$this->form_validation->set_rules('password', 'Password', 'trim|required|md5|alpha_numeric|xss_clean');

if ($this->form_validation->run())
{ //everything is good - process the form write data to database

would much appreciate some understanding, thank you Parahi

Unable to load page - El Forum - 10-26-2012

I am wondering wether there is something about views I do not understand as it appears alright to me. I am newbie to codeigniter.