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Some sort of cron job - El Forum - 11-07-2012


I have a codeigniter project with around 200-260 email addresses running on an intranet.

I would like to know what is the solution that may run a PHP code and email these persons each 1st of the month (a sort of reminder: "Hey you forgot to send us those expenses" type of thing)

Tried looking on the forums but "cron" is the only keyword that comes in my mind, not so helpful.


Some sort of cron job - El Forum - 11-08-2012

i have created a cron job which is run every 5 minutes. but when i ... Google App Engine - Is there a way to get some sort of current time

Some sort of cron job - El Forum - 11-09-2012

nobody here? that's a pitty. I'll look elsewhere.
[steveshair], I don't get your message