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Merging data from 2 query - El Forum - 11-15-2012


I have a table of contacts with user1_id and user2_id.
When I get back the contact list I don't know if the contact is in the left side or right.
I performed 2 query left and right.
I know I can merge the 2 query with array_merge.
Now I need to perform a sort on the column 'email'.
How can I do? I mean how can I make the sort($merged_query,'email')?


Merging data from 2 query - El Forum - 11-16-2012

To have the job done is possible.

One need to set the format of the result of the queries in

arr1 =$query->result_array();

after it merge the 2 array

array_merge (arr1,arr2);

and at end sort with multisort function of php in which I remind a note to see how to order

array in a specific key order in php manual.