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Upgrading from old version 1.7.1 - El Forum - 12-07-2012


I'm using CI 1.7.1, so I need to upgrade.

As I know upgrade process is cumulative, so I need to download every versions since 1.7.2.

The problem is that I can't find where to download it.

There are links on user_guide that are tagged to different versions, but they all point to the latest.

I want to make the complete upgrade process from version 1.7.1 to latest properly.

Upgrading from old version 1.7.1 - El Forum - 12-07-2012

You don't need to incremental upgrades. You can update to any version. The major changes from 2.x going forward is how you extend your controllers/models. Rather extending Controller, you would use CI_Controller. Same goes for models. A few other details in the [url=""]user guide[/url] for completing the upgrade.

Here's download link for [url=""]CI 2.1.3[/url].

You will also need to merge /application/config/config.php to add some the additional features that have been added since 1.7.2.

Process looks like:
1. Replace system folder from zip
2. Replace index.php
3. Copy application folder to document root to be on same level as system
4. Merge changes from application/config/config.php
5. Update any other application/config files you may have changed
6. Rename how you extended Controllers and Models