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Stuck at registering - marvin265 - 12-19-2014

this system was just passed down to me and i don't know anything about ci. i managed to migrate the site to a new host but i can't register. what is is needed to change. maybe i missed something when i migrated to a new host.

RE: Stuck at registering - includebeer - 12-19-2014

How can we know? You don't say anything about what is not working!
Error message on the screen? In CI's log? In Apache's log?
Did you update the paths in the index.php file and config.php files to match the paths of your new host?

RE: Stuck at registering - paju89 - 12-21-2014

at first check your codeigniter application folder and config folder inside find config.php , database.php and replace old records with your new datas which provides your database login password hostname and etc. and try again register