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FTP class - El Forum - 01-09-2013

please help

$this->ftp->rename('/thumbdragon.gif', '/asd.gif');
works fine
$this->ftp->download('/asd.gif', 'C:/asd.gif', 'ascii');
respond with error cannot download, check the path

Same upload(), download()

mirror() throws no error and do nothing

why do I get this error?

FTP class - El Forum - 01-09-2013

From the user's guide
Returns FALSE if the download does not execute successfully (including if PHP does not have permission to write the local file)

And I'm pretty damn sure that your PHP does not have permissions to write on C:/ Wink

FTP class - El Forum - 01-09-2013

It was for image gallery purpose and it works fine on localhost. Anyway I found image CRUD.