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CodeIgniter Fan Art - GeorgeD - 12-19-2014

We should have a section or this topic, where designers can post and the rest of us can download wallpapers with CodeIgniter, Codeigniter logo, stickers and other stuff like that.

CodeIgniter could also have a store, where all the profit should go in growing CodeIgniter or should be donated to a charity project.

RE: CodeIgniter Fan Art - ciadmin - 12-19-2014

We have a repository intended for such things,

It is very much a work in progress, and needs some re-organization.
The forum and user guide styles need to be packaged for adding to it.
The website style will be removed, as the website itself has been open-sourced.
The smilies will be removed too, as they are deprecated and not needed/relevant.

I will work on that, and add some categories along the lines you suggest, over the Christmas break.
We can then let members of the community propose material to be added Smile

A CodeIgniter store doesn't make sense to me - we don't have anything to sell, not are we soliciting donations for anything.