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Mail in HTML format... - El Forum - 02-01-2008

Hi Friends
I am trying to send mail in HTML format..
My message should be like a web page.. is it possible??
I tried this... but here its displaying complete text...
any solution for this...
Thanks in advace

Mail in HTML format... - El Forum - 02-01-2008

Can you show your code so we can see your problem.

Mail in HTML format... - El Forum - 02-01-2008

thanks for your reply ..Ignore this i done that
thanks again

Mail in HTML format... - El Forum - 02-01-2008

Was something changed in the email library? I upgraded to 1.60 and my HTML emails that were sending as html are now sending as text.

Does anyone know what might be the problem? It doesn't look like the email library changed besides the comments in it.

Mail in HTML format... - El Forum - 02-01-2008

oh I fixed it. Before when i had my config it was in Email.php because thats what the instruction said. Now the user guide says email.php. (no capital E). That fixed it.

Mail in HTML format... - El Forum - 02-01-2008

[eluser]Edemilson Lima[/eluser]
Will 1.6.0 have embed images in HTML Emails?

Look at the AddEmbedImage() method of the PHPMailer Library:

AddEmbeddedImage($path, $cid, $name="", $encoding = "base64", $type="application/octet-stream");

Adds an embedded attachment. This can include images, sounds, and just about any other document. Make sure to set the $type to an image type. For JPEG images use "image/jpeg" and for GIF images use "image/gif".

Where $cid is an unique id, to identify each image in the HTML message. The image tag must be something like:

<img src="cid:&lt;?=$cid?&gt;.jpg" width="300" height="100" border="0" />

Only with embed images and inline styles you can send HTML Emails with the looking of web sites, with their own layout. Without embed images you can load the images from your web site when the Email is opened, but actually most of the webmail's and Email client software do not allow this because this technique is often used by spammers to detect valid Emails.

Mail in HTML format... - El Forum - 02-04-2008

Hi mdriscol
how did you fix it?? did you create a separate email library or changed something in current library ..
let me know that?.. i done it its working ... but i created another library for send html emails..
thank in advance