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CodeIgniter Web Services Client - El Forum - 02-19-2013

Im newbie in CI, i want to retrieve xml data from web services weblogic, the server locate to and i wanto to get the XML Response from server, possible do this ??

i make funtion on controllers (resttest.php)

public function getRest()
    $this->rest->initialize(array('server' => ''));

    $lartas = $this->rest->get('web-services/nsw',array('operation.invoke' => 'getListGA'),'xml');

sometimes i got error like "array(0) { }" and if i refreshed, i got all HTML view same like i browsed

am i wrong or missing some step ? or any suggestion to change this code ??

NB: I used

Thanks In Advance

CodeIgniter Web Services Client - El Forum - 02-19-2013

hi i change my code, i used NuSoap, and everything ok but how get result with JSON or XML format or another else with good format ?

require_once(APPPATH.'libraries/nusoap/nusoap'.EXT); //includes nusoap
         // Same as application/libraries/nusoap/nusoap.php
         $n_params = array('operation.invoke' => 'My Name', 'email' => '[email protected]');
         $client = new nusoap_client('');
         $result = $client->call('getListGA');
         echo $result;

i want show the result like this

ID : Result1
ID : Result2