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[WIP v0.1] WuGen Form Library - El Forum - 03-06-2013

[eluser]Kyle Johnson[/eluser]
Hey everyone,

I've been unhappy with most form generation libraries in creating full forms that are laid out like I want them. Wufoo styled forms are my favorite (aesthetically) and they have a bit of additional functionality to them.

Anyways, I wrote up a fairly simple library to bridge the gap between HTML generation and nicely stylized forms within CodeIgniter.

I've only spent a couple days doing this over the past several weeks, and have modified the library when it is missing a feature I needed.

It's pretty minimal in terms of functionality (input boxes, drop downs, and multi-selects, and straight HTML) as implemented.

Key features:
* Paging
* Section Highlighting
* Easy form creation/validation, all in one place

Anyways, I'd like you to check it out and see how you like what it does.

WuGen Form Library @bitbucket

Images of forms it creates until I get a demo site up.

Pseudo-sample using jsFiddle to demonstrate how the form behaves (mostly).

Requires jQuery, jQuery UI, and the Wufoo styles/javascript.

[WIP v0.1] WuGen Form Library - El Forum - 07-18-2013

Nice work!