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Upgrade Path? - El Forum - 03-08-2013

The new site design and pricing has left me with questions. These are questions which should be up on the site. If they are I apologize, but I have looked and do not find the answers.

1. What is the upgrade path for those moving from 1x to 2x? Do they have to purchase a $300 2x or is there another(lesser) price for those who have the paid version of 1x?

2. When upgrading do we move from 1x to Core or from 1x to 2.5.5 paid ($300 version)? I am sure moving to Core would be more than ok, but I don't know if moving to 2.5.5. non-Core would be ok without having to pay for it.

3. Since I do not see an annual upgrade fee anywhere do current users of 2.2.2 have to pay one to upgrade to 2.5.5. or just upgrade from here on forever to the newest versions?

Upgrade Path? - El Forum - 03-08-2013

I could be wrong but I think your posting in the wrong section. This is the CodeIgniter section and maybe your talking about Expression Engine?