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TCPDF with CodeIgniter - El Forum - 03-17-2013

Hi guys. I'm somewhat new to CodeIgniter framework. So I need a big help from you all. Is there a way in CodeIgniter to create PDF files. If not how can I integrate TCPDF library with CodeIgniter? I tried several ways including this

but nothing got worked for me. I'm using CodeIgniter latest version. Please help me to get through this.

Thanks in advance

TCPDF with CodeIgniter - El Forum - 03-19-2013

tcpdf works fine for me. I installed it into libraries/tcpdf with pdf.php in libraries. The only change I made was in pdf.php as follows, its up at the top of the file. make sure ci_application/pdf cache is 777
# override the default TCPDF config file
/* commented out by bill 21apr 2011
if(!defined('K_TCPDF_EXTERNAL_CONFIG')) {
# include TCPDF

then to use it, i have a reports controller which has procedures like
function showtrolley(){

  // set document information
  $this->pdf->SetAuthor('Klee Paper');
  $this->pdf->SetTitle('Order Preparation - Not yet sent');
  $this->pdf->SetSubject('Order in Progress');

  // FreeSans, DejaVuSans, Helvetica, PDFAHelvetica, Arial, Born, Frutiger
  // $ix = 11;

  //$this->pdf->Write(0,'Date: '.date("Y-m-d H:i:s", $data['main']['transdate']));
  //etc etc etc
  //etc etc etc
               // finally
               $filename = 'order_prep'.date("YmdHis", time()) .'.pdf';

  if ($asfile == TRUE) {
   $filepath = APPPATH.'pdfcache/'; // codeigniter/application/pdfcache
   $fullname = $filepath . $filename;
   $this->pdf->Output($fullname, 'F');

   $data = file_get_contents($fullname);
   force_download($filename, $data);
  } else {
   return $this->pdf->Output($filename, 'I');

TCPDF with CodeIgniter - El Forum - 07-05-2013

We can also use helper of TCPDF library and generate PDF in CodeIgniter, please check the link for the same


TCPDF with CodeIgniter - El Forum - 07-07-2013

I'm a fan of DOMPDF I've used it on a few projects