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User Notification in CI - El Forum - 03-22-2013

Hello all,

I was wondering how can we implement a simple notification to a user when something new happens.
Example : if a user posted something and another user commented on that, the first should see a message in his inbox saying that someone commented on his entry.

The thing I dont get it even if it is an operation we see everyday in our world (emails, facebook, gmail etc) is : are notifications stored in a db ? how can we know that a user opened an unread message or comment ? should that be a field in a table ?

Any help is appreciated



User Notification in CI - El Forum - 03-22-2013

you could add a enum field called status to database tables.

You would then need to check this to see if the user had read the message etc;

User Notification in CI - El Forum - 03-23-2013

Other than getting the user to click on a link in an email, there's no way for you to know whether or not it's been read. Notifications are nornally stored in the database, and the user is emailed a notification to let them know they have a notification (if that makes sense). When they login to the Web site, and read the notification, your app can then mark it as being read.