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using ci library other project license - El Forum - 06-10-2013


i am not altogether sure how to include the ci license terms if i use one of the system libraries in another project,

i have another project, and i want to use the ci email class with it, it means going through it and adapting references to other ci variables, and one or 2 minor changes (e.g i want to change where the extension-to-mime lookup is called from)

what text content should i place at the top of this file to notify users of the ci license, is it enough to say
something along the lines of....

* Adapted from the original CodeIgniter Email Class
* CodeIgniter
* An open source application development framework for PHP 5.1.6 or newer
* @package CodeIgniter
* @author ExpressionEngine Dev Team
* @copyright Copyright © 2008 - 2011, EllisLab, Inc.
* @license
* @link
* @since Version 1.0
* @filesource

i really want to know the proper etiquette for this type of thing, for future situations as well

using ci library other project license - El Forum - 06-10-2013

well i finally stumbled across 2 pages (1) (2)

and having read through the now, i understand what i should do, however i am not sure now what license type codeigniter uses because (1) is about osl-3 and (2) just says codeigniter license agreement

does not seem like a train smash but can anybody clarify ths ?