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CMS - dhayalram123 - 12-23-2014

Hi guys,
I am new to codeigniter, I trying to create CMS Site, how can we implement using MVC model like codeigniter!. I already done CMS Method websites. but i need some sample or small guide. help me guys

RE: CMS - Rufnex - 12-23-2014

A good starting point could be youtube if you prefer a video tutrial.

RE: CMS - includebeer - 12-24-2014

Big Grin

RE: CMS - InsiteFX - 12-26-2014

CMS with MVC

RE: CMS - jlp - 12-31-2014

You might want to take a look at

RE: CMS - apparasenal - 01-01-2015

There are numerous tutorials available online and some were already mentioned by other members in this thread. Another good example to learn and master how codeigniter really works is its default tutorial as it fully documents the entire functionality of CI. is built in CI as a CMS and ecommerce website where I can post articles and sell products available to site members and visitors.

Let me know if you need more help.

Happy New Year Smile