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CodeIgniter 3 Starters - El Forum - 07-01-2014

I have just issued Release Candidates 1 of my CodeIgniter 3 based applications starters. - a starter that is conceptually the same as CodeIgniter 3 + steroids :-). This strater is aimed for making easier migration of yet developed applications to CodeIgniter 3; - a starter that contains all the features from the previous version plus multi-application support.

See the correspondent README files about the added features. Bug-reports are welcome.

CodeIgniter 3 Starters - El Forum - 07-12-2014

It is really sad when a post like this one doesn't get any attention or replies.

It says a lot about the status of this framework.

What more do we want? Latest version, HMVC, all sorts of libraries response.

I will install and play with it and give you feedback.

Thanks for your work