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BCIT responds to my request for information - El Forum - 10-14-2014

[eluser]TWP Marketing[/eluser]
This is a thread, started 10/12/2014, posted with the permission of BCIT and the person who is "Project Lead" James Parry.

--From twpmarket:
" As a user of the CodeIgniter PHP Framework I am curious whether there is truth in the rumored purchase of the CodeIgniter software by BCIT. Can someone confirm or deny this? If true please direct me to the contact at BCIT who can respond to my questions about the future of CodeIgniter at BCIT. Thank you"

----From James Parry
Yes, CodeIgniter has been transferred to BCIT from EllisLab, and I am the project lead.

I am patiently waiting for the domain names to be transferred, and the new CodeIgniter site and forum to be up, at which point I will be posting a news/blog item about the vision/planning for the project Smile

In the meantime, I can try to answer any questions you have!

James Parry
CodeIgniter Project Lead

------From twpmarket
Mr. Parry,
Thanks for the quick reply. I'm sure that other members of the CI community are at least as interested as I in the BCIT plans for the CI software.

May I post your reply on the current CI website? I will wait until you reply, in case BCIT prefers to conduct such discussion on their own forum.

--------From James Parry
The "current CI website" ... do you mean the forums on If so, go for it Smile
If that isn't what you are referring to, I am curious about what you mean!

Once the domain has been transferred to BCIT, the informational website on will redirect to the new, and the forums on will be "archived", in favor of the new ones I have setup on my server - necessary because of account privacy on

James Parry
CodeIgniter Project Lead