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Codeigniter for large projects! - jpleyjon - 04-06-2015

Hi, I've been using CI for awhile for small projects. When I did my reading about usage of CI a few years ago, I read that it is good for small to medium applications. I've search over the internet about using CI for large projects, but nothing really serius appears. So, my question is: Is really good idea use CI for a large project? And when I say large project I mean a project that will handle a high amout of data and intense interaction with MySQL or PostgreSQL DBs..

RE: Codeigniter for large projects! - CroNiX - 04-06-2015

I use CI for a national site that meets your criteria for a "large project". Works great! Very fast. Tens of millions of page views/month. We haven't upgraded to CI3 yet as it was just released and may not be able to for some time due to the large codebase and number of changes required for the v2 -> v3 upgrade, so I'm speaking about the v2.x branch. As far as the large/complex queries, that really doesn't have to do specifically with CI but is more up to how optimized and properly indexed your database and tables are as well as the hardware you're running it on. But yes, some of our tables have tens of thousands of rows and have 6 or more joins in queries, doing complex statistical calculations, with a large amount of data. This is a multi-million dollar generating site.

Of course some of the larger, more complex queries don't use active record, but most are using active record (query builder in CI3+)

RE: Codeigniter for large projects! - silentium - 04-06-2015

There is no problem building large sites with CodeIgniter. I have built a few sites with CodeIgniter 3 (while still in dev) that had millions of visits a month, with peaks over 2500-3000 concurrent users at peaks, and millions of rows in the database. In the end, it all also depends on how you optimize, cache and indexes your databases and more.

RE: Codeigniter for large projects! - ChicagoPhil - 04-10-2015

Good post and good replies. I often wonder these things myself while learning.

RE: Codeigniter for large projects! - alkarim - 04-11-2015

i am now making small scripts with CI . Hope Will make Larger scripts

RE: Codeigniter for large projects! - Ditmar - 04-12-2015

Codeigniter it's a great framework, it not have a problem to support large projects

RE: Codeigniter for large projects! - ronelb - 04-13-2015

I can attest to CodeIgniter's support for small and large projects. We had three large projects implemented 2 years back using CI2.2.x and the trio handled several thousand of records per day with no problem.

You need to consider, that aside from the CI framework, you must have a well-designed database schema with optimized SQL queries.

Also, consider your server/host if it is equally up to meet that large project.

RE: Codeigniter for large projects! - marcogmonteiro - 04-14-2015

There's no problem at all. Just go ahead and abuse it Smile Codeigniter can handle your big projects. =)