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Autoloading? - jlp - 04-06-2015

<<From Orionstar>>

autoloading... we should skip PSR-0 and only use PSR-4 style.

RE: Autoloading? - Narf - 04-07-2015

Who said we'd be going through PSR-0?

RE: Autoloading? - orionstar - 04-07-2015

Nobody said anything about it. The above is a suggestion. If you feel my suggestion is offending or trivial for you then please forgive me and make clear what is trivial for you.
Maybe you should post a list! Wink

RE: Autoloading? - Narf - 04-07-2015

It's not offending, although it is a bit trivial, but my point was different - don't make assumptions. Smile