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How to use cronjob in codeigniter? - paju89 - 12-26-2014

Hello all. I am interested in using cronjob in codeigniter framework. I have controller named welcome   and method inside it named auto  
how can i use cronjob and call this url     using cronjob  ?

RE: How to use cronjob in codeigniter? - danielsan - 12-26-2014

That is probably a question for your system administrator rather then a CodeIgniter question since it depends on your OS (Linux, Windows, Solaris etc.) and also your distribution/version. There are simply a lot of different ways depending on your tools.

Also, you fail to mention what your controller/method is supposed to do. Is it enough to "download" it, or do you want to send parameters or process the result in any way?

On my Linux Ubuntu 14.10 I could for example execute
# crontab -e

This will edit the list of cron commands tied to my user (editor depends on what is installed in your system). I would and then add the following line
0 * * * * wget

This will "visit" your website once every hour and download the output, however the output would simply be discarded.

Kind regards,

Daniel Sahlberg

RE: How to use cronjob in codeigniter? - Rufnex - 12-26-2014

For that you can use CI over the built in cli

In your cronjob file you can set the roule and call your job like

PHP Code:
* * * * php /path_to_your_ci_root/index.php welcome auto