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[Split] Target Audience? - ciadmin - 04-11-2015

<<From Muzikant>>

Also, what is the target audience? Beginners? Companies?

RE: [Split] Target Audience? - alkarim - 04-16-2015

CI is specially build for the begineers but later companies also started to use the framework.

RE: [Split] Target Audience? - sv3tli0 - 04-16-2015

CI for all Smile
Why it must be focused on 1 or 2 groups only. Its not a product to have it focused on some groups.
It should be useful to all from beginners > single developers > to any size dev team ..

RE: [Split] Target Audience? - twpmarketing - 04-16-2015

"All of the above" is closer to the mark. Large teams may want additional functionality as part of the framework but that becomes "code bloat", which can be found in other frameworks by default. I'll stay with CI as a single person shop.

RE: [Split] Target Audience? - PaulD - 04-20-2015

How exactly would development of CI be changed by this question?

RE: [Split] Target Audience? - ciadmin - 04-20-2015

My personal take: a framework targeting enterprise developers would be informed by generally accepted enterprise frameworks like JEE; a framework targeting large development teams might want to add features that support better collaboration or that work better with software tracking tools.

Looking at the poll results, I don't see any specific target audience dominating the others at this point, but that is a telling outcome itself.

RE: [Split] Target Audience? - mwhitney - 04-20-2015

I think the important point with the current results is that the framework needs to remain flexible. Enterprise and large development teams may need other features, but, so far, they seem to be willing to find/provide them for themselves. (Of course, I would certainly welcome core development in this area if someone is willing to do it, but, like many of CI's existing features, it should be an optional component of the framework.)

The biggest drawback to the diversity of the current user base is that it becomes hard to justify changes that might inconvenience one part of the user base in favor of another. Almost any feature demanded by one part of the community is seen as bloat by another.

In the end, I think CI 4 should largely be a release which focuses on supporting key language features in PHP itself rather than adding new framework features. It may be a difficult approach to take, given that CI 3 did not add much, either, but I think it will gain the framework more positive attention from the community than any number of new features which may simply become divisive points within the community.

RE: [Split] Target Audience? - ivantcholakov - 04-20-2015

(04-20-2015, 07:56 AM)PaulD Wrote: How exactly would development of CI be changed by this question?

I can see one practical consequence: "CI 4.0 Micro-framework?" -

Edit: I am looking at the answers now, for better audience covering efforts could be focused this way:

CI 4.0 Micro-framework
CI 4.0
Recommended packages site:

Edit 2: A related question: "Project size suitability?" - - Majority there is "All of the above" at the moment.