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Support only segment-based URLs - ivantcholakov - 04-12-2015

It is about removal $config['enable_query_strings'] and related options and code.

The mentioned configuration option enables URLs like: I have not seen a public project that uses this.

By default URLs are segment-based, SEO friendly: Let us support only them.

RE: Support only segment-based URLs - twpmarketing - 04-12-2015

Before I cast a vote, I would like to hear arguments pro vs con for eliminating the query string url ability.

My preference is the segment based url, but that is because it simply makes more sense in an MVC framework.  That being said, is there an argument to be made for using query string urls?

I'm not saying either url format is good or bad, so I don't want to be the subject of a flame war about this topic.  What makes sense?  Are there situations where query string url format is better than segment based?  If so, why do you think so?  If not, again please tell me why you hold that opinion.

RE: Support only segment-based URLs - ivantcholakov - 04-12-2015

I am marking some topics that may have relations to this one:
"Add URI Language Identifier to core?" -
"Magic Routing toggle" -

RE: Support only segment-based URLs - RWCH - 04-12-2015

As far as I know there are no real draw backs against only segment-based URLs.
The advantages:
- More search engine friendly (although you can read in a lot of places this is not a valid argument anymore)
- Easier for end users to understand / more logical and meaningful
- It's prettier (Am I really saying this?)

Is there more? Is there any reason not to have segment-based URLs only?

But is the idea to have the Codeigniter framework handle this entirely, or is it okay to still work with a .htaccess file?