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json "autodecoded" - rompelstilchen - 05-19-2015


for some strange reason, when I do a local test consisting of a POST of a json with curl , I just
receive a string containing the json

but when an external site tries to do the same, the POST variable I receive is an array with the json already decoded
only thing I know is that the external counterpart told me they wrote their site using scala

would there be any reason/special case where code igniter would auto decode the json string ?


RE: json "autodecoded" - rompelstilchen - 05-20-2015


RE: json "autodecoded" - CroNiX - 05-20-2015

No, CI has no such auto mechanism. In fact, I don't think there's a single line of code that deals with any json function. You should post your code.