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HHVM + Postgres Driver - no1youknowz - 05-22-2015

Just wanted to put this here, in case anyone else comes up with the same issue.

Running HHVM + the Postgres driver from PocketRent. It does not support the function pg_set_client_encoding.

\nFatal error: Call to unimplemented native function pg_set_client_encoding() in system/database/drivers/postgre/postgre_driver.php on line 200


PHP Code:
protected function _db_set_charset($charset)

    return (
pg_set_client_encoding($this->conn_id$charset) === 0);


PHP Code:
protected function _db_set_charset($charset)

pg_query($this->conn_id"set client_encoding to '$charset'");

Now you don't get the error. Smile