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Hello guys [solidcodes] - solidcodes - 06-08-2015

I just want to say hello.
I'm new to CI 3.0
By the way I also use Laravel.

I'm from Philippines.
May pinoy ba d2?


RE: Hello guys [solidcodes] - Avenirer - 06-08-2015


Welcome. Just for the sake of discussion. What made you be interested in CodeIgniter after using Laravel?

RE: Hello guys [solidcodes] - solidcodes - 06-08-2015

@Avenirer thanks for welcoming me dude.

Actually I've been using CodeIgniter since 2011 but my old username cannot be access anymore.
so I was forced to create new username.
I tried retrieving my account using my two email address but the system rejects it.
I think this is the new database?
Or they deleted old account that has been inactive for 1 year?

So your question is not applicable to me.

RE: Hello guys [solidcodes] - InsiteFX - 06-08-2015

Welcome to the CodeIgniter community.

RE: Hello guys [solidcodes] - calcio - 06-17-2015

Re Welcome to CI community!