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read more function - xiaolee - 06-15-2015

i am trying to create a readmore function in codeigniter where the readmore link will be linked to a controller which would show all the data about that particular id....i am kind of confused on how to go about it... i tried...

$research_detail_url = site_url()."/research/research_details";
//echo json_encode($research)
foreach ($research as $_research) {
$author = $_research->author;
$content = $_research->content;
$dsubmitted = $_research->dsubmitted;
echo "<div class='menu-collapse'> <h5>$author</h5>";
echo "<p>";
echo "<span class='support_text'>$content <span><br />";
echo "<span class='support_text'>$dsubmitted <span><br />";
echo "<a href='$research_detail_url' target='_blank' style='text-decoration:underline; color:#0088cc;'>
read more &raquo; </a>";
echo "</p> </div>";
but i seem not be getting any results...i need help