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Issue with Redirect Loop - AndyKing27 - 06-18-2015

I have a CodeIgniter 3 app that I have been developing on my local machine using WAMP. This includes an .htaccess file to remove the index.php from the URL and everything has been working fine.

I just uploaded it to my hosting account (addon domain configured under cPanel as "/public_html/") and am getting a redirect loop error every time I try to access the home page.

I have removed the .htaccess file, added "index.php" back to the 'index_file' section in the config.php file and have set the base_url to "".

Whatever I try, I am getting a redirect loop error in Chrome. If I upload a single php file with a simple echo statement it works fine so I am confident the .htaccess at the main domain level (/public_html) is not causing issues.

Can anyone offer any advice?

RE: Issue with Redirect Loop - gadelat - 06-19-2015

Open your browser's developer tools, switch to network view, load your page and see what urls browser tries to load. It will help you troubleshot which part of your application does redirects to previous page.