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GoCart and CI - element121 - 06-23-2015

I've used GoCart for a number of projects and Bonfire as well both of which use CodeIgniter.
The GoCart website ( seems to have removed their forum at the moment, it did have a lot of spam in it last time I visited it.

Just wondering if there are many people here use GoCart and if anyone has upgraded their CI version within GoCart?
The CI version mine is running is 2.1.2.

I might try the upgrade myself, but wondering if anyone has already worked through the process?


RE: GoCart and CI - mwhitney - 06-29-2015

It looks like the developer(s) of GoCart may be working on upgrading it to CI 3:

RE: GoCart and CI - noah - 06-29-2015

Hey Guys, GoCart 3 is out as a pre-release. We did close down the forums because of spam. That and they didn't seem to be very productive for actually helping people. Our contact form has proven to be much better for communicating with people.

Anyway, we'd love for people to give it a go. you can download from the button on

RE: GoCart and CI - element121 - 07-03-2015

Thanks, I'll check out the latest version.