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Display data form - Delta-51 - 07-05-2015

not fare so come to see the data that I enter into a form

My view

It contains form

My controllers

contiene i controlli della form , se e tutto ok va al model che inserisce nel database e carica la   view che mi dovrebba far vedere i dati inseriti

My models

I model in the procedure that makes me enter data into the database


My problem is that I do not know how to display the same data entered in another view

RE: Display data form - Wouter60 - 07-05-2015

You need to be a little more specific about the problem.
Does your form consist of more than one step, so you want to know how to display data entered in step 1 in the form for step 2?
Or do you simply want to display data that has been stored in the database, after someone has filled in an form?