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Please help.. - kemjohnm - 07-21-2015

Hi.. I am developing a website and uploaded it in hostbuddy...

My problem is hostbuddy doesn't support .htaccess.. They only have iis/web.config..

I already try all answers from stackoverflow.. But still error...

Please help me.. I am a newbie..

Pro people please reply.. Thanks..

God bless you all..

RE: Please help.. - Wouter60 - 07-21-2015

Which error do you get?

RE: Please help.. - kemjohnm - 07-21-2015

the hosting doesn't support .htaccess

and wants me to make an index.php but I already remove the index.php

soo for short.. the hosting cant see the index in application -> controllers..

RE: Please help.. - kemjohnm - 07-21-2015

please try to search to see the error please.. I cant post image here for the screenshot.. please check my site and help me solve the error please.. I really need your help.

RE: Please help.. - apsweb - 07-22-2015

try converting your htaccess file to web.config file and replace it. here is one online converter and put it to where your htaccess file is.

RE: Please help.. - kemjohnm - 07-22-2015

how about the .htaccess file in the application and system folder?.. i cant convert it to web.config it says error.

RE: Please help.. - kemjohnm - 07-22-2015

still the same error i already convert my htaccess my to web.config..

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rule name="rule 1K" stopProcessing="true">
<match url="^(.+)$" />
<action type="Rewrite" url="/index.php/{R:1}" />

see the Error for your self in my site..

RE: Please help.. - apsweb - 07-22-2015

yes try to change htaccess also in system folder, if you could manually change it by following some tutorials online,. heres one