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Wysiwyg Editor - mariek - 07-31-2015

Hello everybody,
I need to implement a wysiwyg editor in some of my forms. A long time ago I used to use FCKeditor but I remember it was quite a pain in the @$$.
What would you recommand today ? Has any old libs been modified yet to support CI 3 ?

Thank you,

RE: Wysiwyg Editor - ignitedcms - 07-31-2015

IgnitedCMS comes with its own wysiwyg editor. It also has its very own drag and drop page builder developed entirely by me (although I did pinch wordpress's shortcodes php file), and it's open source.

Check signature for details.

RE: Wysiwyg Editor - ngangchill - 08-01-2015

Give a try for Sir Trevor Js

RE: Wysiwyg Editor - ivantcholakov - 08-01-2015

RE: Wysiwyg Editor - Paradinight - 08-01-2015

I use

RE: Wysiwyg Editor - mariek - 08-04-2015

Thanks everyone.
@iamthwee, I don't need a CMS, I develop a webapp with some public pages, for which I need the wysiwyg editor, but thanks for the info. Is there any public demo for it ?

RE: Wysiwyg Editor - Diederik - 08-04-2015

FCKeditor was renamed a few year back to CKeditor. Since its just a frontend app its very easy to incorporate it in your view files. All you need is to link to the ckeditor.js file and add a textarea with a class called 'ckeditor' and your done.

$ckeditorData = $arrayName = array(
    'name'  => 'somename',
    'id'    => 'someid',
    'class' =>'ckeditor'
echo form_textarea($ckeditorData, 'Some content');

RE: Wysiwyg Editor - mariek - 08-12-2015

I finally chose tinyMCE, very easy to use and configure, lightweight compared to CKEditor. I bought the file manager moxiemanager, which is a bit expensive for its use, but easy to use and configure too.

RE: Wysiwyg Editor - JayAdra - 08-12-2015

I use and recommend Redactor:

Not free, but very clean, modern and functional. Regularly updated as well. Just as long as you don't need full HTML templates in it, as it doesn't support <html>, <body> etc. tags (I found out the hard way).

RE: Wysiwyg Editor - mariek - 08-12-2015

That one looks fine, I like the file handling. Thanks @JayAdra
Anyway I should have specified I'm looking for a open-source one Smile