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Constraint Error - calcio - 08-18-2015

Hi everyone, I got a Constraint Error, I Know the motive and I think how to fix it. But I need get a handle erro. CI only show the message below.

Error Number:
Filename: /vagrant/gcc/models/contratos_model.php
Line Number: 183

My question is. Where the error number? How to get it? How to show a friendly message to my users?

I use CI 2.x with Oracle.

Thanks in advanced.

RE: Constraint Error - Wouter60 - 08-18-2015

Try this:
PHP Code:
echo $this->db->_error_message();

RE: Constraint Error - calcio - 08-19-2015

Hi @Wouter60 these commands don't work here using oracle.

I tried it to forces it handler an error.

PHP Code:
       //$query = $this->db->delete($this->tabela);
       if (!$this->db->delete($this->tabela)) {
           echo $this->db->_error_message();
           echo $this->db->_error_number();


Even using try ... catch don't work too.

PHP Code:
try {
           $query $this->db->delete($this->tabela);
       } catch (Exception $e) {