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Advice - ignitedcms - 10-17-2015

Hi codeigniter fans,

This is mainly a decision I need help with. At the moment I'm writing IgnitedCMS to be almost a wordpress clone. So the engine comes with a default theme and easy tools like a page builder and contact form, and eventually an ecommerce module.

But I'm also working on another project IgnitedCMS Pro(still MIT licensed) which is like IgnitedCMS on steroids, in that it allows fine grained customisation and uses a templating engine so developers can really focus on building any app quickly. (It is very similar to expression engine)

However, I'm unsure as to merge the two into one or create two separate repos.

I'm leaning towards two separate repos, as merging the two would confuse matters considerably. With IgnitedCMS Pro a lot of the functionality in the standard version would be deprecated, the blog section would be deprecated, site settings, and products/shop.

What would you do? Any advice is welcome.

RE: Advice - Avenirer - 10-19-2015

I suppose you want to benefit from the community code, but also to do a Pro version (payed version?). So the answer is simple. Keep both.

RE: Advice - ivantcholakov - 10-19-2015

It is not about the technical aspects, but about the business model that you are going to introduce. I think it will fail. Better don't rely on your system as a product for sale, but only as a platform for running your business effectively. Don't deprecate features once released as free, because people would loose trust in you. You can make profit from closed customizations or closed complex projects on top of your system, clients' demands vary a lot.

RE: Advice - ignitedcms - 10-19-2015

Hi thanks for your replies.

No the pro version won't be a payed version. Both versions will be free and MIT licensed. But I've made a decision. I'm going to keep both and create two repos so one side of the system will be different from the other. For example a non developers cms and one specifically geared for developers.


RE: Advice - Avenirer - 10-19-2015

Good luck keeping the pace... Smile