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Database table manipulation - lazyfox - 10-21-2015


I am new to database table manipulation, I need your advice what will be the best thing to do.

We have 2 databases and every database there are tables Smile. Other member of the team (they are in other country) need to use specific table in database 1. What should i do to share my 3 tables in our database 1 to them?

Please suggest in a clear statements Smile

God bless and more power!

RE: Database table manipulation - freddy - 10-21-2015

what you are trying to do ? we can't tell clearly if we don't get the clear point of you !

RE: Database table manipulation - lazyfox - 10-21-2015

How can i share my database tables (3 tables) to other group of developers?
It's all about sharing of database table structures.