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Are you on Tsu ? - includebeer - 11-05-2015

There's a new social network called Tsu, yep, another one! Cool
I just heard about it last week, so I'm not even sure if it's any good, but it looks good so far.
If any one wants to join, you can find me here :

RE: Are you on Tsu ? - freddy - 11-06-2015

did you built those social media beer ?

RE: Are you on Tsu ? - solidcodes - 11-06-2015

What is that? Kung Fu social site?

Tsing Tsan Tsu?

RE: Are you on Tsu ? - includebeer - 11-07-2015

@freddy No, it's not my site.

@solidcodes It's some kind of Facebook alternative.