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CI Theme Library - Arashdn - 11-23-2015

Hi all.
Sorry for my bad English.

I have developed a simple lib to support multiple theme's in a codeigniter application.
Github repo :

It's my first time developing a CI library. I am also not a professional in php or codeigniter so I really appreciate any feedback , idea or suggestion.

Thanks a lot

RE: CI Theme Library - nemonizer - 11-26-2015

Great work, I will certainly check it and give you feedback on this as soon i get to test it. But meanwhile you continue your work like this.

RE: CI Theme Library - Arashdn - 11-27-2015


RE: CI Theme Library - suhindra - 11-27-2015

thank you for sharing. i will check it.

RE: CI Theme Library - Arashdn - 11-27-2015

(11-27-2015, 05:29 AM)suhindra Wrote: thank you for sharing. i will check it.

Thank you too.

I hope this addon be a useful one

RE: CI Theme Library - Blair2004 - 12-07-2015

Hi, i'm tendoo CMS developper, i'm looking for a good library which handle Themes, i'm interested by yours. Can your Theme Manager handle multiple menu creation ? widgets ? thanks

RE: CI Theme Library - - 12-10-2015

looks good, i will check out it as soon as possible, thanks for sharing,