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how to pass vlaues - nady - 12-25-2015

Hallo everybody
i am creating a manufacturing form by this form i am getting all of user information and insert it into db successfully but while inserting i want also insert user id and user email(which is not displaying into form field).
NOTE: user id and email already kept while registration process after that user moved on manufacturing form.

Looking forward

RE: how to pass vlaues - skunkbad - 12-25-2015

It sounds like you need to store the user ID in a session or cookie so that when the manufacturing form is submitted that you can get the values and add them to the insert.

RE: how to pass vlaues - Php - 12-25-2015

Your Question is sound like incomplete.
Where you want to insert user id and user email?
Any other table?

RE: how to pass vlaues - pmbaldha - 12-27-2015

When user signed in system, you should store user id and user email sore in session if user user is authenticated. When you insert in database table, make associative array to insert data which holds user id and user email as well as form data.