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multiple applications setup - ronlin - 12-31-2015

Hi Folks,
I am about to built a codeigniter website with a set of multiple applications .
Regarding the directory layout I would like to follow codeigniter standards and organize the applications accordingly.
What I am missing in the user guide is how should we manage the access to multiple applications.
The user guide mention only access to one specific application by defining “application_folder” in the config.php but the point is the access the application by adding application name as a suffix to the domain-name ex :
http://domain-name/appone , http://domain-name/apptwo , http://domain-name/appthree and I don't see this explanation in the document.
Could anybody point me to right direction?  

RE: multiple applications setup - John_Betong - 12-31-2015

After you have installed app one, app two and app three create three index.php files in each app one, app two and app three folders, all with a common $system_folder and relevant $application_folder

$application_folder = "/appone/application"; // similar for app two and app three

Have you thought about using sub-domains?

RE: multiple applications setup - ronlin - 01-01-2016

Hi John,  
Yes the subdomains is IMO the best solution but I don't have access to virtual host settings and customer is explicitly asking for the above solution. I will try your advice and will get back here with the output.
Thank you for your time.

RE: multiple applications setup - josepostiga - 01-21-2016

Have you though about using $_SERVER variables where you can get the host that's trying to be accessed and then assign it's name to the $application variable that's in your root index.php file. You must use a system hook, also, to avoid/handle any errors with that workflow.

Here, I'll share some of my work: Of course, you'll need to edit according to your specific needs, but I think will put you on the right track.