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Starting code igniter - vinnyvrj - 01-05-2016

I have started codeigniter from the cpanel install.

I am fallowing this page i am new to this program although i like to learn can someone help me with this page. I stated from

I then have made it to adding logic controller.

I have added all of the code from the list and created my files i have not removed any files from the install.
Although i seem to no be able to get to my page i made called "hello-world"

I made the two pages home and about.

Maybe i should remove the wordpress install it is located at a test site i have

It says to go to the [your-site-url]index.php/pages/view 
If i go to

I get a 404 error page not found do i need to add the controller for this somewere.

Regards Vinny

RE: Starting code igniter - PaulD - 01-05-2016

In the config file, make sure you have defined your base url to include /members/

Quote:$config['base_url'] = '';

Hope that helps,


RE: Starting code igniter - Narf - 01-05-2016

(01-05-2016, 08:07 AM)vinnyvrj Wrote:

That is an old user-guide, the official one is at