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ShoppingCart - BDev - 01-20-2016

Hi guys,

I recently started with using CI,and I am delighted with how easy it is to learn and master.

Anyway, I thought on using Cart class but saw that it is "deprecated", so my question is...

Is it safe to use it for project? Is there any alternative currently out there? Or maybe, do you plan on adding new Cart class in CI v4?

I know its alot of questions, I'm a curious guy Smile

RE: ShoppingCart - Diederik - 01-20-2016

The cart library will be removed from CI4. The project leaders feel that a shopping cart is to specific and there for should not be part of a fast and clean framework that CI is trying be be.

Personally I like the cart library and will continue to use it in my own projects. I suspect I'm not alone in this and that the community will fork the library as a separated project when CI4 is released and will make it work nicely with CI4 and maintain it.

My best guess is that you can savely use it, but when it comes to support you will have to rely on the community instead of CI.

RE: ShoppingCart - BDev - 01-20-2016

Ah, yeah, I get you. Thank you. As I said, I also love it, its simple and finishes the job, so I will continue to use it with CI 3x.