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How to setup to use FileMaker API - mjhan300 - 01-26-2016

Fairly new to adding libraries to a standard install of CI. I am trying to use CI along with the FileMaker API. For those who know about the API, there is a "FileMaker" folder (which I add to the /libraries area, I suppose) and it also has a "FileMaker.php" file. In my existing website, I am not using CI. So how do I work the existing files / folders into CI?

I put the "FileMaker" folder into the application/libraries area. But what do I do with the FileMaker.php file? The file contains some include statements that drill into the FileMaker folder structure along with a:

class FileMaker {

So what do I need to do next?

I am using a fairly new FileMaker API build (FM12) along with the latest release of CI (v3.x).

Any help would be appreciated! I have used the FileMaker API without CI with little problem. I just need to know where to start. On a side note, I also needed to add the TCPDF classes to my project. I didn't have a problem with that.

RE: How to setup to use FileMaker API - josepostiga - 01-26-2016

I think you could use Composer (check to handle those vendor libraries. Then you just import the class and use it normally.

You might be able to find the required package name on