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[split] CodeIgniter 4 Install problem - turtuga - 02-05-2016

i have try to install this version [redacted] on xampp with php 7.0.2 to help but i got this error "Class 'CodeIgniter\Hooks\Hooks' not found" i know this is earlier version but how got this work to get familiar with framework when is come out and new features of php 7

RE: [split] CodeIgniter 4 Install problem - kilishan - 02-05-2016

First off - I split the thread into it's own place because this doesn't have anything at all to do with the roadmap.

Second - I've removed the URL of the repo. While it's not too difficult to find, we're not advertising the location of the repo until it's a tad more formalized, at which point we'll move it to the CodeIgniter group of repos and open it up to everyone.

Third - because it's so early, we can't give support to this branch yet. Your best bet is to enable XDebug and step through the code to see what's going wrong (after ensuring you have the latest version of the repo). If you find a bug in the autoloader I'll be happy to take a look at a pull request with the fix.