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RE: CodeIgniter 3.0.6 Released - heat23 - 04-01-2016

Thanks guys for "re-igniting" the project and regularly putting out patches/releases! I love CI and have been using it for several years and am glad to see the project active again.

RE: CodeIgniter 3.0.6 Released - nguyenanhung - 04-04-2016

Thank you mery much.

RE: CodeIgniter 3.0.6 Released - creativewebguys - 04-04-2016

Thanks for the hard work keeping this going!

RE: CodeIgniter 3.0.6 Released - Klerith - 04-06-2016

Thank you so much!

RE: CodeIgniter 3.0.6 Released - Josh Davidson - 04-18-2016

Thank you so much for fixing issues from the older version. I think the new version of CI will help us out.

RE: CodeIgniter 3.0.6 Released - dating.forbeer - 04-21-2016

(03-21-2016, 02:34 PM)acsv Wrote: Thank you for keeping on top of the security bugs.

i totally agree. thanks you guys!

RE: CodeIgniter 3.0.6 Released - Tuan - 04-21-2016

Huge thanks to C.I. team. You have done a great work and always!
Smile Heart

RE: CodeIgniter 3.0.6 Released - colonelclick - 05-03-2016

This is terrible advice. See the original post at the top of this thread and read the upgrade notes provided. In particular, 3.0.3 has additional tasks that should be performed, but so do several of the other steps. Just copying over your 3.0 system folder and walking away is not advised.

(03-21-2016, 06:27 PM)CiAngle Wrote:
(03-21-2016, 03:50 PM)nplaviola Wrote: This feels like a silly question, but if I'm on 3.0.0 do I have to upgrade to each previous version, all the way up to 3.0.6? Or can I upgrade straight to 3.0.6?

Just copy system folder in 3.0.6 and paste to replace your system folder 3.0.0 ... upgradedĀ  Angel

RE: CodeIgniter 3.0.6 Released - Jessica - 05-17-2016

Thanks. Stay blessed Smile