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Operation aborted in IE6 - El Forum - 02-28-2008

Hello, I got an error when I enter to my page (, but only in IE6.
I´m going crazy, please, help me!

Here are htaccess code:

Quote:RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L]
RewriteRule portafolio-(.*).html portafolio/pagina/$1
RewriteRule portafolio/tipo/diseno-web-(.*).html portafolio/tipo/diseno-web/$1
RewriteRule portafolio/tipo/programacion-web-(.*).html portafolio/tipo/programacion-web/$1
RewriteRule portafolio/fecha/(.*)-(.*).html portafolio/fecha/$1/$2
RewriteRule portafolio/cliente/(.*)-(.*).html portafolio/cliente/$1/$2
RewriteRule portafolio/tecnologia/(.*)-(.*).html portafolio/tecnologia/$1/$2

Operation aborted in IE6 - El Forum - 02-29-2008

Is this the operation aborted IE error page, or the operation aborted popup dialogue?

If its the later its because your page is trying to access the DOM before its completly loaded and adding an onload event to the body will fix it. Otherwise I have no idea.

Operation aborted in IE6 - El Forum - 03-01-2008

The error is an operation aborted popup dialogue. I use following javascript libraries:

_Mootools -> I use the 'domready' envent
_Reflex.js -> A library for creating js reflection in images

Operation aborted in IE6 - El Forum - 03-01-2008

If you aren't already I would try and make Reflex.js load from the Mootools domready event. If that can't fix it I don't know how to proceed other than googling for the error.

Operation aborted in IE6 - El Forum - 03-02-2008


In the reflex.js library FAQ:

Internet Explorer doesn't like the open <base> tag. Do the following: Exchange...
<base href="">
<base href="" />
&lt;base href=""&gt;&lt;!--[if IE]>&lt;/base&gt;<![endif]--&gt;
...and you're good.

Operation aborted in IE6 - El Forum - 03-02-2008

gotcha. I've never used the base tag so I wouldn't have even thought of it.