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Embedded pdf viewer - Wouter60 - 03-25-2016

The other day, I came across a docs viewer in a Joomla! website, which displays pdf documents very nicely. I think it was called Aridocs viewer. I'm looking for a way to do that in CodeIgniter. Any tips?

RE: Embedded pdf viewer - michalsn - 03-25-2016

Viewing PDF documents it's not really a CodeIgniter thing.
You may try this:

RE: Embedded pdf viewer - ikarius6 - 03-25-2016

A PDF is download and evaluated on the front-end, Codeigniter is back-end... that means than you should look for a plugin or something on your front (client-side), Codeigniter CAN'T do nothing for you with PDFs at least than your PDFs have dynamic content.

RE: Embedded pdf viewer - Wouter60 - 03-26-2016

Thanks guys. I will have a look at some Javascript or Jquery solutions.

RE: Embedded pdf viewer - shepPettibone - 06-14-2018

I'm not sure that jQuery would do a nice thing for you, but the point is, you need to look through the scripting languages - that's their very thing. As far as I know, you may do stuff in here with node, but I can't claim for sure because I'm more a person of dead simple ways. Speaking of some ready to go web-based solutions I prefer this one It has quite perfect output, as well as the documents remain fully editable, what comes in handy. But yet, Codeigniter is not what you need for sure

RE: Embedded pdf viewer - InsiteFX - 06-14-2018

Viewing PDF's is done by the web browser by using headers, if it is not working

check your web browser settings it may be turned off.

But this may also help you out.


How to configure your browser to open PDF documents in browser window